Hanging Spice Cabinet
Small early wall cabinet was used to store spices in previous life - nice look
13 x 4 x 18 1/2 H
Stock# 09-069-3-PYP
Circa: 1800's
Color: Mustard
Species: N/A
Lovely small bench
Boot jack legs, interestingly shaped, hardwood construction, possibly maple 
Dimensions: 13" x 6" x 7" High
Stock# 09-85
Primitive 3 Legged Stool
Adorable little milking stool, very primitive looking, mortised construction, great patina. Too small to sit on, Pepsi can shown for size comparison.
7 ½” Diameter x 7 ¼” Tall  
Knife box
Knife Box [09-121]
Early knife box, old red paint, some wear on edges as shown. Shown as found.
12 x 7 x 3 ½ High  (1 pound)
4 Hole Potty Seat
4 Hole Potty Seat
Undoubtedly this came from a large family! The title says it all! Possible usage includes a wall mounted picture frame? Use your imagination! 
92” L x 17 ¾” Deep
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Hanging Wall Cabinet in Old Mustard Paint
Hanging Wall Cabinet in Old Mustard Paint
Hanging Wall Cabinet  [09-134]
Smaller blind wall cabinet in old mustard paint. 12oz water bottle shown for size reference.
12” x 6 ½” D x 17” H
Walnut 1 Drawer Stand
Walnut 1 Drawer Stand
Primitive Chimney Cupboard  [09-127]
Good aged pine patina, 3 fixed shelves inside, single door with knob.
14 ¾” x 14” x 52” H
Shaker Box
Shaker Pantry Box  [09-136]
Smaller sixed pantry box, good color and patina, solid w/lid
8” Diameter x 3 ½” H
Spice Boxes
Spice Boxes  [09-137]
Set of SIX early spice boxes with original storage box. Spice boxes include lids and even still have spices in them! Container 9 ½” x 3 1/8” Spices 2 5/8” Dia x 2 /8” H 1 @ 3 ¼” Dia x 2 5/8” H
Cheese Box
Early Lidded Cheese Box [09-142]
Large round lidded cheese box, stenciled to (illegible), solid and sound
15” diameter x 14” High 
Southern Pine Stepback Cabinet (probably TENN.)
Southern Pine Stepback Cabinet (probably TENN.)
Early Pine Stepback Hutch
Early Cabinet with Old Blue Paint
Early Cabinet with Old Blue Paint
Early Cabinet with Old Blue Paint
Southern Yellow Pine Stepback Cupboard  [09-133]
Interesting form on this 19th century stepback cupboard. 
2 Doors up, 2 Drawers below. Solid southern yellow pine throughout. No rot anywhere. Never been painted, original finish. Came from a Tennessee family tracing it back 3 generations. Low profile allows it a very unique look, and opens up many options for location placement. 
51” L x 23 ½” D (base) x 18 ½” / 57 ½” High 
Early Pine Stepback Hutch [09-139]
Mid 19th century dark pine stepback cupboard, open top with plate racks on 2 upper shelves, 3 drawers below and 2 doors on bottom. Solid and not rotted, good finish and color. Not overly tall, so will fit most anywhere.
55” L x 15 ½” D x 33” / 64 ½” High
Early 1 Door Cabinet in Old Blue Paint [09-140]
Striking early cupboard with interesting gallery top, very good early blue paint. Door was reversed sometime in its past.
A very nice cabinet in excellent condition. You won’t find a nicer one!
37 ¼” L x 16 ½” D x 43 ½” / 53 ½” High
Lidded Grain Bin
Lidded Grain Bin
Lidded Grain Bin [09-141]
Wide boards, old barn red paint, hinged lid. 
Solid, no rot.
28” L x 21” D x 28” High
Hanging Pie Safe
Early Hanging Pie Safe [09-143]
Screened door, smaller size, original finish with good patina.
31” W x 14 ½” D x 28 ½” (Body) /36 ½” H (Overall)